It will help with your pain

What are the benefits of Rolfing®?

Relieve pain by releasing deep tension, restoring balance & alignment

Many clients express results such as greater ease in movement, relief from chronic pain, better coordination and balance, and a greater sense of awareness about their body.

Possible Benefits to Rolfing


Reduced (or eliminated) pain


Improved posture and balance


Greater flexibility and range of motion


Injury recovery (inc. accidents, surgery, repetitive motion, sports, etc)


Trauma release (emotional and physical)


Increased energy


Helps to maintain chiropractic adjustments

Rolfing frees the body from life-long patterns as it releases stress, strains and tension that we hold in our physical structure. This restored freedom leads to increased physical vitality, noticeably higher levels of energy, improved health and physical appearance.

Rolfing and its effects

What happens after a session?

After the session, the body of the client will follow a process called integration. Because the client’s body has more flexibility, there may be a sense of change. The lower brain, which places the whole length into the muscles (tonus), finds the highest possible balance. It takes about one hour to a week. After the onboarding is complete, the client is ready for the next session. During a series of sessions, transformative changes may take place.

Here’s how a session looks like

Rolfing session at a glance