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About Structural Therapy Centre

If You Don’t Feel that We Have Relieved Your Pain in the First Session, Let me Know & You Don’t Pay

At Structural Therapy Centre, we help you relief your pain from any part of your body. Whether it’s neck, shoulder, back, hip, feet or even your whole body, you name it and that’s the area that we’ll work on for you in the session. Through rolfing, structural integration, structural therapy and soft tissue alignment, we provide a holistic pain relief and realignment of the body. We also offer services in pain relief after a car accident.

We greatly value the art in relieving a person’s pain through holistic purposes and in providing our customers with that promise. We are so confident in this type of cure, we guarantee you that if you don’t feel an improvement in your first session then you will not be required to pay.

Imagine being able to relieve your body’s pain through a professional’s holistic practices. The sessions will help you realign your body, make you look and feel your best, and increase your energy levels.

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