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About Hyatt


Hyatt Saikin

I am Hyatt Saikin and I am a Certified Rolfer, a 1987 graduate of the Rolf
Institute of Structural Integration. I have taken advanced training from the
Rolf Institute and the Guild for Structural Integration.

I  have worked on all types of clients from professional athletes & dancers
who wanted to improve performance, to regular people who wanted relief from
pain and discomfort. My clients clients come to learn how to move more
easily and how to be effortlessly upright in gravity in any activity.

With a background in business and an intense interest in nutrition and
emotional well being. My practice of Rolfing is about results.  I believe
that the so-called different aspects of self – mind, body and spirit – are
merely different aspects of the same thing and that true change happens on
all levels simultaneously.

My work is to empower people who wish to improve their fundamental
experience of life, it is for anyone who would like to have a body that
works optimally.