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Relieve Pain by Releasing Deep Tension, Restoring Balance & Alignment

Over 25 Years of Safe & Effective Practice

rolfingStructural Therapy Centre Ottawa ON

Structural Therapy Centre Ottawa ON

At Structural Therapy Centre, we provide you with a pain relief using holistic methods with over 25 years of safe and effective practice. From Rolfing, structural integration, structural therapy and soft tissue alignment, we will relieve you from your body pain.

Through the sessions, you will be able to realign your body and re-educate your movement patterns so that you will be able to reduce or even completely eliminate chronic pain issues and increase your flexibility. It will also make you look and feel your best by being able to get you to stand straighter and stronger without any pain, and you will be filled with more energy.

We care very much for you, our customer, so we use a gentle, transformative and hands on healing approach to relieve the body pain by releasing deep tension and restoring balance and alignment to your body. We are so confident that this approach really works in relieving your pain that we will guarantee that you will see the improvement. If you don’t feel an improvement after the first session, then you won’t have to pay.

Imagine being able to heal your body aches and pains through a proven and holistic method. Be able to stand straighter and stand stronger. Have the energy to complete all the things you’ve wanted to do in a day.

Our Services

  • Soft Tissue Alignment
  • Holistic Pain Relief
  • Car Accident Therapy
  • Pain Relief
  • Rolfing
Rolfing in Ottawa ON

Rolfing in Ottawa ON

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