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over 30 years in Ottawa Ontario

Rolfing Pain Relief

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healing approach

Over 30 Years of Safe & Effective Practice

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Through the sessions, you will be able to realign your body and re-educate your movement patterns so that you will be able to reduce or even completely eliminate chronic pain issues and increase your flexibility. It will also make you look and feel your best by being able to get you to stand straighter and stronger without any pain, and you will be filled with more energy.


Rolfing Structural Integration is a unique and highly effective system of physical manipulation and movement education.

Holistic Pain Relief

Holistic pain management is an approach that takes into account the emotional, mental, and spiritual needs of the individual in addition to the person’s physical state.

Car Accident Therapy

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Soft Tissue Alignment

An effective way to eliminate knots, adhesions and scar tissue in order to restore biomechanics, optimize movement and improve performance.

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Rolfing is a journey to optimum movement.

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Stand Straighter ı Stronger ı Pain Free

Soft Tissue Alignment

Relieve pain by releasing deep tension, restoring balance & alignment

At Structural Therapy Centre, we provide you with a pain relief using holistic methods with over 30 years of safe and effective practice. From Rolfing, structural integration, structural therapy and soft tissue alignment, we will relieve you from your body pain.

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